Ali Jammal, better known as AJ, is a renowned abstract artist in Toronto’s art scene. AJ started his career in the city of Toronto where he quickly rose in the local art scene through his unique and innovative approach to art. His artwork has been praised by critics and collectors for its stunning and thought-provoking visual style.

Through his brand EyJay Inc., he was commissioned to create unique artworks which are now displayed in the homes of various A-list celebrities such as NBA Star Tristan Thompson and certified double platinum selling artist Preme. He continues to receive commissions from well-known celebrities and public figures to this day.

His artworks consist of abstract shapes which are mainly executed with a wide range of acrylic paint. The painting is then enhanced with a resin-based finish in order to achieve a glossy texture. This in turn interacts with the ambient light to reveal various new patterns and colors, making the painting truly come to life. Moreover, the use of bright and powerful colors creates a high contrast especially on black or white surfaces.

The artist is also experienced with the technique of stenciling and the use of gold sheets as embellishment. The abstract shapes aim to interpret and explore the inner feelings and the unconscious, therefore directly involving the spectator in his visual creation.

AJ describes the process behind his art as such: “When working through despair, the piece may start with a range of anger and end with a touch of peace”.

Certainly! Here’s the updated bio for Ali Jammal, also known as AJ:

EyJay Inc., the company behind AJ’s art, has showcased his work in various exhibitions at Project Gallery in 1109 Queen Street East, Toronto, including “Solo Exhibition” in 2017, “Future Landscape” in 2018, and “Clarity” in 2019. Following these, AJ has successfully held exhibitions across the United States: “Urban Emotions” in New York (April 2022), a vibrant art and music fusion event in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District (July 2022), “Echoes of Democracy” in Washington D.C. (October 2022), an innovative public art project on Barrie’s traffic cabinets (January 2023), “Colorful Solitude” in Los Angeles (April 2023), “Resilience” in San Francisco (July 2023), and “Vibrant Horizons” in Fort Lauderdale (October 2023). Expanding his portfolio, AJ has also undertaken commissioned pieces for various A-list celebrities. His future plans include continuing to showcase his art globally, with aspirations to hold exhibitions in European cities such as Paris and London.